Screenplays and Treatments

A treatment is the first step towards a full screen-play.

It usually consists of 30 pages of typed text, outlining the structure and narrative arc of a film or TV drama

From a detailed treatment it is a relatively easy step to a full screen-play with 'stage directions and dialogue

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This was prompted by an enquiry from Francois Ivernel, the producer responsible for 'The girl with a pearl earring'; 'Slumdog Millionaire'; 'The King's Speech' and many other fine films

Francois had seen an early draft of a novel I was then writing, about Napoleon's relationship in Egypt with a young woman from Carcassonne. Pauline became his mistress and was known as 'his little Cleopatra'

The above treatment was  never taken up, largely I was assured, because it was too expensive to film. Anyway, I hope that was the only reason!

So, while I look for someone with a spare  $20 million, you can now buy my treatment from Amazon at a fraction of the cost!