I began my professional career in the theatre, becoming Associate Director of the Oxford Playhouse

I began writing stage plays during that period, later working as TV Director with the BBC -  during which time I wrote and directed a number of drama-documentaries

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July 1929


 In a remote village in Hungary twenty-three women are arrested for the murder of about forty men

All of these men have been poisoned - a mass murder orchestrated by the village midwife

This is a true story - in dramatic form - of that village and the women who took the law into their own hands


William Shakespeare

Adaptation by Mike Healey

When Prospero and his daughter Miranda are exiled to a remote island somewhere off  the coast of North Africa, they encounter strange spirits and the creature known as Caliban

This adaptation includes a dramatic prequel in which the birth of Caliban and Ariel's imprisonment in a pine tree are reconstructed

The text itself has been considerably shortened but retains much of what makes Shakespeare's original play so magical

Beware the Jabberwock!

The year is 1864


 The British are about to leave Corfu and give the islanders their independence. Amongst those on the island is the artist Edward Lear, author of 'The owl and the pussycat' and many other celebrated nonsense poems

One strange, magical evening his world and that of Lewis Carroll merge when the Alice of 'Alice in Wonderland' and Lear join forces to defeat the scary Jabberwock

This new stage play commemorates two great writers in an entertainment of pure nonsense!