Work In Progress

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I tend to work on several projects at a time so it is quite possible to find three or four works in my studio at various stages of progress - or lack of it!

This painting is called 'Eau de Nil' and has a distinct Egyptian theme although the title is also the name of the pale green I have used!

'Eau de Nil' - by Mike Healey

Gouache on canvas 60 x 100 cms

What has worked well for me is the sky, bathed - or so I imagine - in moonlight.


What is not that apparent in this photograph is the texture of the silver paint which gives the surface a very  rough but evocative effect

I have also just about finished a second large canvas that explores the thorny notion of free will 

Watch this space for more news from my studio


The dancing figure is of course controlled by its strings but who, one might ask, is holding them?

He is also blind - as the mask without eye sockets indicates

The plaster moon in this very theatrical setting, is taken from an old poster I remembered seeing years ago