My  first historical novel, set in Africa, Jamaica and 18th Century London, tells the story of two young boys.


One is a black child who is enslaved, brought to England and sold on to a wealthy woman in Cumberland. The second, parallel story, is that of a young sweep who gets stuck up a chimney at Buckingham Palace.

The year is 1756 and Gin Lane is a real place!




Hogarth's 'Gin Lane, London'


The cruel Master Sweep tries to smoke Jack out but he survives and for six weeks stays hidden in the chimney, only coming out at night to steal food and water - and anything else he can lay his sooty hands on!

When, unexpectedly, the two boys meet and become friends, there begins a hair-raising adventure as they flee the palace and go on the run pursued by rapaciousBounty Hunters.

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