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         Prospero's masque from 'The Tempest'

       Mike Healey

For some years now I have been devising and constructing three-dimensional 'stage sets' or dioramas.

This practice dates back to my work in the theatre as stage director at the Oxford Playhouse. One year our resident scenic designer fell ill and I had to design my own set at very short notice.

I never looked back after that and continued to design my own sets (and costumes, sometimes)  for all my stage productions thereafter

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These dioramas  are boxed, under glass and framed


They are  large , averaging 100 x 80 x 15 cms. They weigh about 10 kilos

They are constructed of card, wood and antique engravings drawn, mostly, from illustrated architectural  manuals of the 17th and 18th Centuries

They sell for about £1,500 - depending on size and complexity

If you are interested in buying one of my dioramas, then simply email me: